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Here are some of the areas in which we’ve helped home sellers near you!

Hello! Please find a desktop collection of important information about the sale of your home. For most people, the sale of their home is one of the five most important financial transactions of their entire life. All real estate agents are definitely NOT the same.So you will want to select the only one you trust to handle the sale of your home most carefully. The information I have provided can help you do that. Please do not hire an agent until you have read the enclosed material.
The items you will find on your desktop are:

1. An Important Home Seller Information Packet Detailing a Warning and Shocking Fact!
2. A Radio Program you Should Listen to Before Interviewing or Hiring any Real Estate Agent
3. An Area Map of Recent Home Sales by me and my team.

For some people, selling their home is a natural life milestone to be celebrated. For others, the sale may be motivated by a career move or transfer, a change in finances, or something else not of their choice, so the sale of the family home is a difficult decision. Either way, you simply do not need added stress of promises not kept, confusion, unnecessarily large numbers of unqualified lookers marching through your home at all hours, pricing and presentation mistakes made that cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
The information I’ve sent can help you avoid all of this. I look forward to hearing from you, and to being of service.